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It is with great sadness and a heavy heart that we need to share the news that we will be closing The Curlew with immediate effect, having fought so hard over the last two years, every week and every month, to make ends meet and keep the business running.


Today, we need to admit defeat.


A business born just a few weeks before the COVID-19 pandemic was always going to have a tough time, but with a huge increase in food costs, an electricity bill rising by 200%, and a large decline in bookings, we are left with no choice.


Our family business is run without any big backers or investment; things are always tight, and we are used to that. After plugging the hole so often with our own personal savings, unfortunately, we have simply run out of money.


We want to thank all of our team, past and present, for giving 100% of themselves to creating what we did at The Curlew.


We’d like to also thank everyone who has dined with us over the years - you have made it possible for us to do what we love, and we are truly grateful for the experience that you have made possible for us.


Life has its ups and its downs, and we have been through them all in the last few years, but we now have to make the correct decision.


Small businesses are struggling everywhere, as we know families are too. Please be kind, and support your local pub, restaurant, farm shop, butcher, fishmonger - whatever it may be. They need you, and a little help from a lot of people goes a long way.


If you have loved a meal with us at The Curlew, please join us at the The Small Holding or Birchwood where we continue to cook our food with the same responsibility and ethos, we hope to see you again soon.


With love,

Will & Matt

For any enquiries, please email us at:

The Small Holding | Birchwood

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